Pillion rider seen leaning on motorcyclist dangerously -- even after helmet falls off

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A pillion rider raised concerns after appearing out of his wits while on a motorcycle.

Facebook page Roads.sg posted a video of the incident that occurred on Friday afternoon (Nov 26).

In the video, a man can be seen resting his head and leaning against a motorcyclist while riding pillion on the bike.

He stays in that position and remains unaware even after his helmet falls off his head and rolls onto the road.

The video has been viewed over 84,000 times.

A caption accompanying the video said that the pillion rider looked "sleepy or drunk".

It added: "Two things come to mind - 1) Wearing a helmet without strapping in securely to the head is useless. 2) What if it was the pillion rider falling off the bike into the path of a moving vehicle?"