Photographer's spectacular 360° video will make you flock to see new fountain display at MBS

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Out of ideas for your next date? There's a new water and light show at the Event Plaza along the promenade of Marina Bay Sands.

The outdoor fountain display, known as 'Spectra', is free to the public.

Singaporean photographer Aram Pan shares how he captured a stunning 360-degree video of the display and says, "The 3D holographic-like displays are achieved by projecting animation through the water mist".

Timings of the show, each lasting 15 minutes, are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday – 8pm and 9pm
Friday & Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Pan recommends reaching early to get a good seats, as the place is packed 30 minutes before every show.

Watch his amazing video below.