Photographer transforms SAF combat rations into fine dining cuisines in shoot

All those who have gone through their national service will recall the dreary green packs of rations they're forced to consume while out on missions. 

Photographer John Heng, 38,  and his team, however, have taken it upon themselves to transform the ration packs into stylishly plated cuisines that wouldn't look out of place at a fine dining restaurant. 

John, assisted by Soh Quiling, Gin Khoo, and Jimmy Sng, captured the various dishes, in a series of delectable shots as a personal homage to NS50, which celebrates 50 years of national service. 

Among the dishes is a popsicle crafted from a pack of fragrant chicken rice in the non-halal pack 6, and dusted with powder from a sachet of iced lemon tea. 

Another shot featured an apricot fruit bar sliced up and combined with three packs of reduced chocolate cereal mix along with a dusting of biscuit for the finishing touch.

The project was well received by many, including Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, who shared the photos on Facebook on Thursday (Oct 19).

Read the post:

“As a personal homage to NS50, Ja 38-year-old photographer John Heng and his team created these fine dining options using Singapore Armed Forces’s  (SAF) combat rations.”

Other netizens also heaped praises on the creativity of the series.

One netizen said:

“They made combat ration look good.”

While another humorously commented:

“The standard to meet for Stand By Ration.”

Well, this certainly makes you view the field rations in a new light. 

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