Video of woman burning puppy's eyes and breaking its limbs was filmed in Philippines: PETA Asia

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia has confirmed that the video of a woman burning a puppy's eyes with a cigarette and breaking its limbs was filmed in the Philippines, not Singapore.

It was previously reported on Sep 2 that SPCA was appealing for information regarding the woman's identity and whereabouts. 

In a statement from the SPCA on Monday (Sep 9), they said: "PETA Asia has confirmed that the video was filmed in the Philippines in an old case involving Vicente and Dorma Ridon.

"The couple had produced multiple videos involving horrendous cruelty to animals that were sold online.

"PETA Asia and the Philippines' authorities managed to locate the couple and shut down the operation. In 2014, the couple were sentenced to life in prison.

"We were informed that the women in the videos were victims of human trafficking and that some of them testified against the couple, strengthening the prosecution’s case. As such, no charges were filed.

"Thank you to all who provided information about the case and those who helped spread the word.

"We also thank everyone for coming together and strongly condemning animal abuse.

"Let us stay vigilant in the ongoing fight against animal cruelty in all its forms.”