Pet owners flood Perromart's FB page with angry comments over unfulfilled orders

Submitted by Stomper Elishia, YangHui

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Local pet store Perromart has apologised for a delay in fulfilling orders and responding to customers, but continue to be bombarded with furious comments.

Stomp received complaints in late January from multiple readers who had placed orders with Perromart early this month but did not receive their purchases.

On its website, Perromart touts itself as "Singapore’s biggest online pet store" and said that all orders can be expected to arrive within three business days.

Stomper Elishia said she ordered $43.50 of dog food and treats on January 2, only to be left hanging ever since.

She contacted Perromart on Jan 10, Jan 13, and Jan 17, but did not hear back.

On Jan 19, Elishia received an email informing her that one of the items she had ordered was out of stock on the supplier's end and would not be restocked.

She was offered $20 in store credit instead.

Elishia added: "Many people are affected like me. We ordered but there is no delivery and the customer service is unreachable. Till now, I have yet to receive the order I placed on Jan 2."

Echoing a similar experience, Stomper YangHui said she has yet to receive the cat litter that she ordered from Perromart on Jan 7.

YangHui told Stomp: "I emailed them and commented on their Facebook page with my order ID. They said they would get back to me, but did not do so. I tried calling them but their line was blocked.

"To think that I was hoping to stock up on my cat litter before Chinese New Year as I was left with only two packs. Now I have to order my cat litter from other sources and wait for Perromart to fulfil my current order.

"I realised that a lot of the customers did not receive their items too. Perromart keeps posting on Facebook but is not fulfilling orders.

"People who are thinking of buying from them, please think twice. It is very irresponsible for merchants to have such a high number of unfulfiled orders."

YangHui shared screenshots of Perromart's Facebook page, where customers have been expressing their unhappiness over undelivered orders and a lack of response from customer service.

Some pet owners, like YangHui, noted that Perromart has continued posting about deals, sales and pet products on its Facebook page during this time despite not responding to customers.

One customer also said that he experienced issues from as early as December last year.

Perromart did not respond to queries by Stomp.

However, the store finally broke its silence on Monday evening (Jan 30) and apologised for the delay.

It said in a Facebook post: "Perromart is sincerely sorry for the delay in the fulfillment of your orders and customer service response. We have been facing some supply chain disruptions that led to the late processing of orders.

"Our team is working hard to update each and every one of you on your affected orders. You should expect a reply/resolution from us in the upcoming working days while we work through the surge.

"We are highly appreciative of your patience and kind understanding while we work through the challenges!"

Perromart also urged customers to get in touch via email if they continue to face issues.

However, their latest post did not sit well with customers, who questioned why the store was still taking orders despite not having enough stocks.

They also said that Perromart has remained unresponsive to emails while its phone line has been cut.

One customer commented: "Be honest and state on the website when a product is out of stock rather than take the money and tell people after."

Elishia told Stomp on Tuesday (Jan 31): "Sadly, there is still no sound from Perromart."