Pet owners enjoy multi-course dinner with their four-legged BFFs on world's first dog cruise

When the Stomp team was invited to cover the first year anniversary of the world's first dog cruise, we were excited at the prospect of meeting the cutest pets and the treat of sailing through the waters around Sentosa.

The dog cruise is hosted on board the Royal Albatross, a beautiful luxury tall ship.

It has gained a loyal following among the local dog community since it was launched during the pandemic, providing an escape of sorts when holidays were put on hold.


Guests cooed over corgis, pomeranians and golden retrievers on board the sailboat.

There was even a cat named Monday, dressed adorably in a matching sailor outfit with its pomeranian siblings. It was impressive to see how calm and unfazed it was by the canine passengers on board.


All dogs on board were incredibly well-behaved making the dining experience a treat for all.

Perhaps they knew it was a special occasion. A dog cruise for two adults starts at $225 for the All Dogs Edition. It is an additional $30, $60 or $100 for a small, medium, or large dog respectively. Pet owners may also choose to book the Happy Barkday Package ($630 for two adults and a dog) or a VIP Pawrents Package ($875 for two adults and a dog).


Your money buys you a two-and-a-half hour cruise around Sentosa and a five to seven-course meal for humans and three-course dinner for dogs, among other treats.

Make no mistake, the pooches are served a carefully prepared premium menu prepared by PetCubes. They even get pet gourmet ice-cream from Twice Young.

The humans had nothing to complain about either.

For dog owners who want to treat their furbabies (and themselves) to a unique dinner experience, you can visit Tall Ship Adventures' website.

No pooch? No worries, there are cruise packages without dogs as well.