Pest control activated after resident spots 'armies of red ants' near Tampines bus stop

Submitted by Stomper Ahlit

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Tampines Town Council has activated pest control after a resident spotted red ants near the bus stop in front of Block 946 Tampines Avenue 4, opposite Our Tampines Hub.

Stomp Ahlit alerted Stomp to the incident on August 5 and shared photos and a video that he took of the red ants.

In the video, a swarm of red ants can be seen moving along the pavement and near a grass patch.

"Armies of red ants have been making stairs and moving towards the bus stop," the Stomper shared.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Tampines Town Council said: "After learning about the case, the town council quickly deployed our pest control to treat and clear the ant nest.

"We are pleased to inform that the ant nest has been cleared. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow up accordingly.

"We want to thank the resident for alerting us about this case.

"For future feedback, the public or residents may call us at 6781 2222 or write in to us at so that we could quickly address their concerns."