People terrified after glass bridge in China 'cracks' as they walk on it -- but here's what it really is

Imagine walking on a glass bridge over 100 metres above the ground and suddenly... it cracks.

That was the heart-attack inducing experience some visitors to the glass skywalk on the side of Taihang Mountain in China had to go through.

A video posted on Shanghaiist shows a tour guide marching confidently on the bridge before it "cracks" and he falls to the floor, fearing for his life.

However, he soon finds out that it was not real.

Video screens, actual broken glass and sounds of glass shattering were installed at the skywalk to give visitors the illusion that they are about to plunge to their deaths.

Why? We do not know, but the attraction's promoters probably want to increase the thrill factor for the already scary walk.

What do you think of this?

Watch the video below.