People queue up to take lift for priority users while wheelchair-bound woman is left waiting

Submitted by Stomper Kirthanaa

Stomper Kirthanaa was speechless when she saw people rushing to queue for a lift meant for priority users, leaving a wheelchair-bound woman to wait for the next trip at Sengkang MRT Station on Dec 9.

A sign put by the lift said: "LIFT: STRICTLY FOR USE BY PRIORITY USERS", which referred to wheelchair users, pregnant women, the elderly, and parents with strollers.

"People who are not in need of the lift do not give way to the ones in need whereas the ones who are in need, wait and wait. " said the Stomper.

"This is not the first time I have seen wheelchair users, pregnant ladies, and the elderly having to wait to use facilities that are meant for them at Sengkang MRT Station.

"I'm very disappointed."