People aren't disposing their used masks properly: "It's so selfish"

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous, Jane

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In the spirit of social responsibility, people are wearing masks when they are sick amidst the spread of the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.

However, some people are disposing of their used face masks in the wrong way.

Several Stompers shared with Stomp photos of used masks discarded on the ground and in public lifts.

Stomper Anonymous spotted a few while walking her dog at Shunfu Road in Bishan on Feb 14.

"Used masks are the new cigarette butts," she said.

Stomper Jane told Stomp: "It's so selfish of these people who don't want to bring germs back into their homes but end up spreading them in public places. 

"How difficult is it to just throw them away properly in a rubbish bin?"

Stompers have also alerted Stomp to masks seen hanging from laundry poles.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) advises the public to replace masks when they get moist for hygiene reasons. When masks become soiled or damp, it reduces their effectiveness too.

In an advisory, the MOH said to dispose of soiled masks in bins and to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after doing so.