Pedestrians dash across Clementi Road and one gets hit by car, but who's at fault?

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Several pedestrians were spotted dashing across Clementi Road at a pedestrian crossing on Mar 17 at about 10.30pm.

In a video shared by SG Road Vigilante, one man gets hit by a car and manages to avoid incident by using his hands to push himself out of the way.

He then continues to run across the road together with other pedestrians who raise their hands up to the driver of the car.

In the video, it appears that vehicles have right of way with the traffic lights being in their favour.

However, some netizens said since the pedestrians were already halfway across, the vehicles should have let them go before moving off.

They were already running halfway through. By right, they should have waited if the green man was flashing. But the car that moved off without letting them clear the last stretch & hit one of them is already wrong.

What do you think?