Pedestrians crossing road won't stop this driver from beating the red light at Tampines

A car was spotted on camera beating a red light at a busy pedestrian crossing along Tampines Central 1.

According to the time stamp on the video posted by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante - SGRV, the incident happened at around 3.16pm on Sep 6.

In the video, a white car is seen driving past a red light at a pedestrian crossing which was filled with people, including a woman pushing a baby stroller.

At the moment when the driver drove past, the pedestrians have already gone more than halfway across the crossing.

The traffic light had been showing red all along throughout the duration of the video.

"Self-explanatory offence," said the caption accompanying the Facebook video.

Based on the Singapore Police Force website, a driver caught failing to conform to traffic light signals can be fined $200 for a light vehicle and $500 for a heavy vehicle.