Pedestrian whacks lorry with his umbrella after driver almost hits him at Grange Road junction

A pedestrian was caught on video whacking the windscreen of a lorry after its driver almost hit him at Grange Road.

The video was uploaded and posted on's Facebook page. According to the post, this incident happened on Dec 3 at about 5.35pm.

In the video, the lorry driver is seen waiting to filter from Chatsworth Road to Grange Road.

While the driver seems to be looking out for traffic coming from his right, a man holding an umbrella starts to cross the road in front of the lorry.

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[Audio added for drama only]
Road rage using an umbrella to crack the windscreen.

The driver GBB8911J was looking at...

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The lorry driver then starts to move off but apparently does not see the pedestrian crossing in front of him.

It is unclear if the lorry lightly hit the man or just missed him. However, the man holding the umbrella becomes visibly agitated and uses his umbrella to hit the windscreen of the lorry before shouting at the driver.

According to the video contributor, the man caused the lorry's windscreen to crack.

In the video, a line is seen on the glass just after the man hits it with his umbrella though it is unclear whether this is just a mark or indeed a crack.

The sound of glass shattering was added to the video for "drama", said the post.

Netizens slammed the pedestrian for being "entitled" and getting angry when he was not using a pedestrian crossing.

However, others pointed out that the driver should have checked in front of him before moving off and not just for traffic coming from his right.