Pedestrian suddenly kicks driver's car while crossing road in Geylang

Submitted by Stomper Feng Chiam

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A pedestrian was crossing the road in Geylang when he suddenly kicked a driver's car for no apparent reason.

Stomper Feng Chiam shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred at Lorong 17 Geylang towards Sims Avenue on Saturday (June 26), at around 8pm.

Feng Chiam recounted: "I stopped my car at the stop line and let pedestrians cross the road.

"A middle-aged guy suddenly appeared from the left. He walked in front of my car and suddenly kicked my vehicle as seen in the video."

Feng Chiam said that nothing had happened between him and the pedestrian prior to the incident, adding: "His behaviour is ridiculous.

"He even confronted me. When I wanted to call the police, he said, 'You call police they also know who am I.'

"After chasing him for a few minutes, he ran away and I couldn't find him.

"I have made a police report. Please be careful of this guy if you happen to see him in the future."