Pedestrian hit by cyclist from the back while waiting for traffic light at East Coast Road

Submitted by Stomper Barney

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A man was left injured after a cyclist collided into him on a footpath — and continues to suffer the consequences of the accident.

Stomper Barney said the incident occurred when he was waiting for the traffic light at the junction of Siglap Road and East Coast Road on July 17.

Sharing photos of his injuries with Stomp, Barney recounted: "I was waiting for the red light to turn green before crossing when suddenly, a cyclist crashed into my back. This caused me to fall forward and I sustained bruises on my left thigh and feet.

"The cyclist apparently rode on the pedestrian footpath, didn't slow down and knocked me down.

"Although he apologised, the damage was done. I asked for his identity card but he refused to give it to me.

"I tried taking a photo of him but it turned out blur. The cyclist was joined by his friends and said it was not cool of me to do that. They then just left."

Barney said he went to see a doctor at Liang Clinic in Siglap Centre a few days later, adding: "I rang the police in Marine Parade but didn't go down personally as I was not able to due to my injuries."

The Stomper explained that he is only highlighting the incident now as he does not live in Singapore and has not been in the country for the past few months.

He is also still feeling the effects of the accident.

Barney added: "I am now experiencing pain in my back and scars on my feet. It's not fair that I should suffer because of the cyclist's irresponsible actions.

"I am writing now to make the authorities and public aware of errant cyclists who endanger the safety of pedestrians.

"The government should enforce laws to forbid cyclists from using footpaths. Otherwise, more pedestrians will be injured and sustain medical costs at their own expense."

Bicycles are currently allowed on footpaths and roads.