Pedestrian allegedly cracks lorry driver's windscreen in anger after getting honked at

A pedestrian was caught on camera lashing out at a lorry driver after he was honked at.

Facebook user Bobby Jeffrey Ang posted a video of the incident on his page, saying that his father was the driver of the lorry.

According to the video's time stamp, the incident happened on Nov 10. The location is unclear but it is believed to be at Tampines.

According to Bobby, the pedestrian was crossing the road while the red man was showing.

He grew angry when Bobby's father sounded his horn at him and made gestures before proceeding to "hit" the driver's windscreen.

Bobby also posted a photo of his father's cracked windscreen alleging that the pedestrian had caused it.

He added that his father had chased after the pedestrian but could not find him afterwards.

Watch the video below.