Paying more for less: Stomper calls out 'shrinkflation' in Old Town White Coffee 3-in-1 instant premix

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We all know that everything seems to have increased in price recently, thanks to inflation.

But have you noticed that not only are you paying more, but you are also getting less?

Stomper Lance has.

Sharing a photo of two similar-looking but different packs of Old Town White Coffee With Natural Cane Sugar 3-in-1 instant premix, he said: "Brands have an interesting way of fighting inflation while maintaining profits.

"My usual instant coffee reduced the number of sticks in one pack from 15 to 13 sticks. There's a term for this – it's called 'shrinkflation'.

"Interestingly, Old Town seems to have implemented the tactic only for the Singapore market.

"The pack on the left was imported from Malaysia and sells for S$6.50 at a small neighourhood shop, whereas the one on the right was sold at local supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice for S$7.30."

That would mean a price hike from 43 cents per stick to 56 cents per stick, which is an increase of about a 30 per cent

Stomp has contacted Old Town White Coffee and FairPrice for more info.