Paya Lebar resident fascinated by snail on balcony, takes close-up shots of it eating leaves

Submitted by Stomper Sanjeev

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A Paya Lebar resident was fascinated when he saw a snail enjoying its breakfast on his balcony and took a few close-up shots of the animal on September 6 at 8.30am.

Stomper Sanjeev shared with Stomp that he saw the snail munching on some leaves on his balcony at Le Crescendo Condominium and sent a link to his YouTube video.

The video is a compilation of many close-up photos of the snail.

"I captured this footage of the snail on my balcony. It was relishing on my rose plant leaves," Sanjeev said.

"This video will be useful for many nature lovers and kids who may be interested to know more about the world of molluscs.

"This is the third time I saw a snail on my balcony, but I have never seen it curl so tightly around a branch before.

"I feel lucky and happy that I was able to make a video that can be of use to many nature lovers and zoologists."