Patient praises staff at Jurong Medical Centre for giving out free drinks during waiting time

Submitted by Stomper Norzlan

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomp Norzlan was impressed with the service provided at Jurong Medical Centre when he went there for an eye check-up on Wednesday (Dec 12) at about 11am.

While he was waiting for his number to be called, staff members were giving out hot drinks from a trolley to all the people seated in the waiting area.

"The staff and security guards were giving out hot tea, coffee and Milo to the patients," he said.

"As a first timer at Jurong Medical Centre, I was so surprised as I didn't know they did this.

"When you go to other clinics, there isn't this kind of service."

He told Stomp that drinks were given out throughout the two hours he was at the centre.

"It's really unique and I just truly appreciate this kind of gesture," he said.