Passers-by help to clear road after cartons of beer fall from truck in Yishun

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The kampung spirit is well and alive in Yishun, where passers-by were quick to act after a truck spilled cartons of beer on the road.

A Stomper, a resident in the vicinity, said the incident occurred along Yishun Street 72 on Monday (June 2), at around 11.10am.

Photos taken by the Stomper show cartons of beer cans strewn all over the road. There was also spilled alcohol.

He told Stomp: "I think the driver did not tie the goods properly because the alcohol fell just after a small curve on the road.

"A bunch of helpful passers-by went to help remove all the fallen items on the floor because the mess was obstructing traffic.

"Once the road was cleared, everyone left. I think the driver collected everything into a rubbish bag to discard."

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