Passers-by band together to help motorcyclist flung from bike during accident

An accident happened at a road junction in Tampines on Saturday (Jun 3), in which a motorcyclist was flung from his bike after colliding with a silver car.

A video of the incident was captured on a passing vehicle’s dashboard camera and uploaded onto EveryDay SG’s Facebook page.

In the video, the motorcyclist could be seen approaching a road junction at a high speed, colliding into a silver car which refused to give way.

The rider was flung from his bike and even rolled a few times before coming to a stop in the middle of the road.

Meanwhile, the driver of the silver car continued on without turning back. 

The accident was witnessed by a middle-aged man in blue who quickly stopped and attempted to help the man up, but to no avail.

Another woman in black, seemingly, the first man’s companion also went forward to help. 

The pair were joined by four others --- two youths who dashed across the road to help direct traffic away from the fallen motorbike, a man in black and another motorcyclist who attended to the victim.

The uncle in blue could also be seen making a call, seemingly to inform the authorities. 

The timing of the accident cannot be verified.