Passer-by in 'disbeleaf' over woman plucking roadside plants outside Woodlands condo

Submitted by Stomper Kuan

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A woman was seen casually plucking leaves and flowers from plants by the roadside in Woodlands.

Stomper Kuan spotted the woman outside the Casablanca condominium along Woodlands Avenue 1 on Monday (May 1), at around 9.25am.

Kuan told Stomp: "I was walking opposite the road and saw this woman starting to pluck leaves and flowers along the pavement while talking on her mobile phone. I was stunned by her inconsiderate act.

"I didn't stop for long to capture more photos, but I believe it's illegal to pluck flowers in public areas. This is also ungracious to our garden city."

For those not in the know, the Stomper is correct: Damaging/removing plants or parts of plants from parks and gardens is not permitted.

Offenders who cut, collect or displace any plant in these areas can be fined up to $5,000 under the Parks and Trees Act.

Most roadside trees, which are typically in areas managed by the National Parks Board (NParks), fall under the Act.

According to The Straits Times, the severity of the punishments may vary, depending on where the offence was committed and other mitigating circumstances.

Then can you collect or keep fruits that have fallen naturally to the ground then? No, that is prohibited as well.

Individuals and groups who wish to collect seeds, cuttings or fruits for research, education, propagation, charity or other purposes must approach the relevant authorities for permission.