Passenger who had flight to catch but forgot wallet has 'crybaby moment' thanks to kind cabby

A female passenger who was on her way to Changi Airport in a taxi on July 5 was shown unexpected kindness from the cabby, after she realised that she had forgotten her wallet.

Noor Mastura shared on Facebook, "As the search got more frantic, I realised the worst. I forgot my wallet. I couldn't believe it. I was now 12 minutes away from the airport. There was NO WAY out. Turning back will mean a day of havoc for me."

However, ComfortDelGro cabby Mr Yeo Choon Hwa took her by surprise with his "most stunning reaction": He smiled kindly and asked her what she would like to do instead.

She suggested taking down his details and transferring him the money at a later time.

Not only did Mr Yeo agree readily, he even helped Noor with her bags and asked if she had enough money for travels or if she needed some.

Noor wrote in her post, "Yeah. Crybaby moment for me. Still is. Even after transferring the amount + bonus, I don't think any amount can ever repay what he did.

"Apart from his compassion and kindness, he completely left it to his faith in humanity that I will not go back on my word. And I can't help but think, what a lot of faith that must be."

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