Passenger thanks Grab driver for his honesty after he returns him extra cash

Submitted by Stomper Jasman

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Stomper Jasman wants to commend Grab driver, Lim Yi Xian, for an amazing ride experience thanks to his honesty and friendliness.

Lim Yi Xian drove Jasman from Bedok Reservoir Road to his home in Jurong West on Aug 10.

"He was friendly during the long journey, which I appreciated," said Jasman.

When they had arrived at Jasman's destination, the fare was $28.

Jasman handed over $30 and exited the vehicle.

"He opened the door and called out to me to come back so that he could return me $2," said Stomper.

Though the amount was small, Jasman appreciated Yi Xian's honesty and thanked him for it.