Cabby views nude photos of women while driving passenger

Submitted by Stomper Roy

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Stomper Roy boarded a taxi at Raffles Place on Nov 22 when he realised that the taxi driver had a pornographic image clearly visible on his phone.

In a telephone interview with Stomp, Roy said:

"First thing I noticed when I boarded the taxi was that there was a photo of a nude person on his phone."

"It was like a slideshow of nude images. The image changed to another nude one after a while," said the Stomper.

Throughout the ride that lasted for about 15 minutes, Roy said the taxi driver kept swiping away text message notifications that popped up on his screen to look at the nude images.

"I don't care that he looks at them but he shouldn't do it when there are passengers on board as he is making his passengers uncomfortable."

"It is also very distracting (for the driver) as he is driving while looking at provocative images. It's not safe and he is endangering the lives of passengers," said Roy.

He added, "Before I boarded the taxi, there was a woman who alighted the taxi. I'm just wondering if people will be safe travelling with this driver."

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