Passenger buys coffee for Grab driver -- who gives her $5 as birthday treat

Submitted by Stomper Faith

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It was a memorable encounter for both Stomper Faith and her Grab driver on Wednesday (May 22) after they realised that their birthdays are just one day apart.

Faith recounted: "Before picking me up at Midview City, he messaged to inform me that he was on the way after fetching another customer. It's rare for a Grab driver to do something like that.

"We chatted for awhile in the conversation and my conscience 'pricked' me to buy him coffee so that he could drink it after his fast.

"I got on the ride and before alighting, I told him that it was my birthday on Thursday (May 23).

"He said, 'You know what?! Mine is on Friday (May 24)!'

"We wished each other a happy birthday and he even gave me $5 cash as a treat.

"Good and friendly Grab drivers are really hard to find these days. Mr Zaidi is one of the best drivers I have ever met. He's so kind and thoughtful.

"I wanna wish Mr Zaidi good health and a very happy birthday!"