Party decorator goes MIA days before woman's birthday: 'We paid $400 and nothing was delivered'

Submitted by Stomper T

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Not a happy birthday.

A party decorator who was paid $400 to do a birthday party became uncontactable days before the event.

"The person is MIA," said Stomper T, adding that The Party Poppers has blocked her on WhatsApp and Instagram.

She told Stomp that she had hired the company before with no problem.

"I used them earlier this year in January for my husband's birthday," said the Stomper.  

"Because the service was good and everything was delivered on time, we went back to her again. My husband wanted to book her for my birthday."

They booked The Party Poppers one month before the Stomper's birthday on Dec 15.

"For this time round, we paid $400 and nothing was delivered," lamented the Stomper.

"She didn’t even send me any of the sketch designs. She always said she was going to send it by the next day but never did.

"Days before the event, there was only one tick when I sent a message to her WhatsApp. So probably she has blocked me."

The company's Instagram page has been removed.

Stomp had earlier reported about The Party Poppers in September.

A mother hired the company to decorate her baby's birthday party for $440, but the owner went MIA when the day arrived. 

She said: "I made a police report on Sept 17 and sent the owner the photo of me at the police station. She immediately refunded me my money without any explanation or remorse for what she had done."