Parrot missing for days finds its way back to owner -- thanks to help from FB group

Submitted by Stomper Dickson

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Stomper Dickson, a administrative member of the Facebook group, BirdCraze, shared with Stomp a heartwarming story of how Manja, a parrot was reunited with its owner, Arman, after flying away on Tuesday night (July 18).

On the day of the incident, Arman, along with other members in BirdCraze, met up at Woodlands Drive 17 where they would routinely let their pets fly free.

The birds would be free to roam for an hour or so, and return by themselves later. 

Arman brought with him two of his birds, Manja and his mate, Sayang. 

However at 6.30pm, Arman noticed something was wrong, when only Sayang came flying back to him. 

He immediately called out to Manja, but the bird could not be found.

Arman told his friends from BirdCraze, and the group quickly combed the vicinity for any signs of Manja.

By 10pm, the search party called off the search and returned home.

Meanwhile, other BirdCraze members alerted neighbours and pet shops nearby so that they would contact Arman if they found Manja. 

On Wednesday (July 19) at 5am, close to 40 men gathered at Woodlands Drive 17 to search for Manja.

According to Dickson, the group searched for a good 10 hours, scouring at least three construction sites and part of Mandai. 

However, they could not find Manja.

Hungry and exhausted, the group were close to giving up.

They returned back to site where Manja was last seen.

Out of the blue, at around 4.30pm, Manja came flying out.

Said Dickson:

“We heard him calling from a distance away.

“We couldn’t believe our ears.

“Here we were, having searched for so long and finding nothing.

“And Manja just showed up like this.

“The bond between a bird and its owner is truly a unique thing.

“Also wanted to thank all of BirdCraze members for taking time, and precious leaves to help a fellow bird lover find his beloved pet.”