Parents, here's why you must always hold on to your child near traffic

Kids can be overactive and tend not recognise danger. 

And this is one reason why parents are constantly told to keep an eye on them.

However, a child's curiosity and a moment's lapse of concentration from parents can sometimes have tragic consequences.

A viral video, shared on Fabrications About The PAP, shows just one such tragic incident.

A couple get off a bus with their two young children.

While the father tends to the smaller child, the mother has her hands full with multiple bags.

However, the other child runs across the road at this point.

The kid is sent flying when a car slams into him, and ends up in a ditch across the road.

The parents soon realise what has happened, and run across the road to check on their child.

The driver, other motorists and passers-by run to check on the child as well.

The father can be seen looking distraught after the crash.

It is unclear where the incident happened, or when it happened.