Paramedics from passing ambulance help auntie struggling to reach Boon Keng bus stop in the rain

Submitted by Stomper Serene

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Three paramedics were seen helping an elderly woman who was struggling to reach a bus stop at Boon Keng.

Stomper Serene witnessed the heartwarming act at 12.50pm on Oct 8. She was cycling back home and had to take cover at a bus stop near Boon Keng West Community Centre. 

She then spotted an old lady with a walking stick who was struggling in the heavy rain to reach the bus stop. 

An ambulance which was passing by stopped upon seeing the old lady.

Serene told Stomp, "Two paramedics immediately came out of the ambulance, with an umbrella to shelter the old lady. The officers in return got totally drenched in the rain as they carefully accompanied the old lady to the bus stop."

She added that the paramedics 'quickly took out tissues to wipe her face and body' and also 'pulled out a blanket to cover her body'.

In a video that her friend alerted Stomp to, it can be seen that the old woman rejected the blanket but had accepted the tissues.

The paramedics also offered the elderly woman an umbrella to which she declined as she said that it was not convenient for her to hold the umbrella while using her walking aid.

The paramedics left soon after to attend a call.

According to the Stomper, the paramedics are from Unistrong Emergency Medical Services, a private ambulance operator in Singapore.

"Their consideration and kindness should not go unnoticed, should be recognised and they should be rewarded. Kudos to the officers, Well done!" said Serene.

The Stomper helped the elderly woman to flag down her bus shortly after the paramedics left.

Serene also wanted to thank the bus driver, adding, "The driver of Bus 140 was very patient. He helped her up the bus and told other passengers to give way to the old lady."