Paint spills from truck at Jurong West junction

Submitted by Stomper Xingtel, Anonymous

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Stomper Xingtel was watching television in his living room when his TV-watching was interrupted by the loud screeching of a lorry at about 10.35pm yesterday (Jul 30).

Xingtel, who lives on the 10th storey, saw paint spilling from a lorry at the junction of Jurong West Street 61 and 65.

In a video shared by Xingtel, the road is seen empty except for the stationary lorry.

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He said: "I didn't see what happened, just heard a screech and saw that paint from the lorry had spilled on the road.

"After that, I saw two cleaners using a water jet or a high-pressure spray to clean the road.

"That stretch of road was also cordoned off."

Another Stomper, who was on her way home at Jurong West, witnessed the aftermath of another paint spill at about 6pm on July 30 as well. 

In photos shared by the Stomper, nearly an entire stretch of road is seen painted white.

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She said: "I didn't see what happened but my mum did. She told me it happened at about 5.30pm.

"A lorry driver did not properly secure the back of his lorry, so when it made a turn, the pails of paint toppled down.

"My mum also said many cars drove past after that, so the paint was spread across the entire road."

The Stomper also added that about 20 cleaners were present at the scene to wash the road.

"They cleaned till about midnight, and there were six to seven lorries carrying water hosts for the cleaners to use."

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