Owner pleads with customers to cancel reservations -- after heavy rain turns restaurant into 'Singapore River'

After a heavy downpour on Sunday (Jun 18), a Japanese restaurant was flooded, resulting in 12 out of 15 reservations getting cancelled. 

The owner of Tenryu Dining and Teahouse on Bukit Timah Road, has since offered a 50 percent discount during their next visit for the affected customers, as compensation for sudden cancellation, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The estimated loss in earnings, as well as maintenance work, amount to S$8,000.

According to the 30-year-old owner, the restaurant had become flooded at around 6pm in the evening after heavy rainfall all over Singapore. 

He quickly took to Facebook to inform and advise customers against coming down to the establishment. 

The owner told reporters:

“The situation had become so severe that I had to call the customers personally to prevent them from turning up.

“We did not want them to have an uncomfortable experience dining here.”

He also revealed that Sundays were the busiest times for the restaurant and 12 out of 15 reservations had been cancelled, resulting in 60 percent loss in business. 

He added:

“To compensate the affected customers, we gave them 50 percent off for their next visit, along with a complimentary serving of our signature sushi.”

He also issued an apology to customers on the restaurant’s Facebook page, and uploaded a video of the flooding at the venue.