Owner appealing for witnesses after cat allegedly killed in hit-and-run at Commonwealth Crescent

Submitted by Stomper Melvin

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A pet owner is appealing for witnesses after his cat was allgedly killed in a hit-and-run in front of Block 104 Commonwealth Crescent on May 15 at about 11pm.

Stomper Melvin alerted Stomp to a post on Facebook user Rei Tenze's page accompanied by a photo of his cat lying on the side of the road.

The post also includes a video that allegedly shows the moment the cat was hit by a vehicle.


In the comments, Rei explained that his cat was "trained" and would proceed downstairs from their family's unit when it needed to defecate.

It had been doing this for five years without any incident until now.

Rei confirmed his cat was pronounced dead and added: "We are really in need of eyewitnesses."