Ouch! Motorcyclist crashes into car and hits taxi at Simei Avenue

Submitted by Stomper Zakri

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A motorcyclist suffered a double whammy on Tuesday afternoon (Feb 19) when he crashed into a car, hitting a taxi in the process.

Stomper Zakri captured the incident, which occurred at around 12.05pm, on his in-car camera and sent the footage to Stomp.

Zakri said: "The motorcyclist was not riding that fast, though I believe he wasn't paying attention to the road.

"He was trying to avoid my vehicle, but crashed into the car in front instead and also hit the taxi."

In the video, the motorcyclist can be getting up after being thrown off his bike.

He then moved his bike to the side of the road.

Stomp understands that no injuries were reported.