Otters have splashing good time with a feast in fish ponds at Botanic Gardens

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An abundance of food, lovely weather and good company go a long way in keeping otters happy.

Stomper Michael was taking a stroll in the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Wednesday (Mar 11) when he saw a family of otters out and about.

He shared with Stomp a video that shows the otters frolicking in the sun and feeding on fish at the Sundial Garden.

Michael said: "I was just on a walk through the Botanic Gardens and into the city when I spotted the otters relaxing on the grass and having a sunbathing session.

"I followed them to the fish ponds, which they 'ravaged'."

The Stomper said it was his first time seeing otters in the Botanic Gardens.

He added: "It's always fun to watch wildlife in Singapore, especially as it's a densely packed city and yet nature is allowed to thrive here."

Facebook group OtterWatch told Stomp that the otters belong to the Zouk family, which has been raising their litter of pups at the Botanic Gardens.

The otter family, which consists of five adults and three pups, got their name when they were sighted near the former Zouk site in Jiak Kim Street in the second half of 2018.

They made headlines last week after turning up in a swimming pool at Park Infinia  @ Wee Nam condominium in Newton.

Check out the National Parks Board website for more information about dos and don'ts when encountering otters.

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