Mischievous otters have family outing at Japanese Garden in Jurong East

Submitted by Stomper N

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Stomper N spotted a family of otters gathered outside a house at the Japanese Garden in Jurong East on Nov 13, at around 8.10am.

He and his friend were taking a pleasant walk around the garden when they came across the mammals.

Upon seeing them, they made sure to keep a safe distance between themselves and the otters.

Stomper N then whipped out his phone to take a video of them.

In the video, the otters can be seen trying to enter the house via a vent at the back.

They can be heard squeaking noisily, while scampering back and forth.

A number of them were surrounding the vents and appeared to be trying to climb through them.

Two otters eventually managed to enter the vents, but later exited as the rest of the family started leaving the area and returning to the nearby waters.

Stomper N said: "I felt surprised as I had never seen an otter face-to-face before".