Onlooker praises kind girl for helping granny who nearly fell: "I'm disgusted with myself"

Submitted by Stomper Ling

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Stomper Ling was touched by a heartwarming sight she saw at Block 73A Redhill Road yesterday morning (Oct 29) at around 9.50am, when an elderly woman nearly lost her balance while walking.

She praised a young lady with quick reflexes who prevented the elderly woman from falling.

Ling, who said she was disgusted with herself for merely watching the scene instead of offering her help, described the "touching deed" that she witnessed.

"I saw two old grannies climbing up the stairs. They were of old age, and had difficulty in walking and carrying heavy bags from the market.

"As they were approaching the lift, one of the grannies nearly lost her balance.

"Luckily, a young lady was quick enough to hold onto the old granny. If not for her quick reflex, the consequences would have been undesirable (I'm writing this while feeling disgusted with myself, as I was one of those who stood and watched without offering help :( ).

"The young lady offered to bring the old granny to the physician despite being injured herself.

"The grannies were also telling us that this young lady seemed to be the one who offered to carry their groceries when she saw them at the stairs last week.

"The granny invited her back for a drink but was politely turned down.

"In this generation, it is touching to see a young lady being so helpful and humble. Her gesture touched me and it made me reflect on myself. Society will be a better place if we have more people like her, putting the safety of others before her own."

According to Ling, the kind lady appeared to be the teacher of a baby massage class and would often arrange food gatherings for the elderly.

"I would love to extend my appreciation to her," added the Stomper.