Online survey company shortchanges woman after she declines to send photos of her fridge

Submitted by Stomper Val

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A woman was told she would receive US$80 (S$113) for taking an online survey even though it was advertised as S$120.

But after she was done, she was asked to send photos of her fridge.

When Stomper Val baulked at the request, she was informed she would receive only S$50.

She later found out online that others had gone through a similar experience and now wants to warn others.

The Stomper said: "I am afraid that more Singaporeans may get cheated by a company in this Facebook group which allows survey groups to post 'surveys' by promising payments after doing surveys and taste tests, etc.

"The survey advertised S$120 of grocery credit, but later, when we filled in our details, it became US$80. I figured maybe there were some exchange rate issues."

But after completing the two-hour survey, the Stomper was asked to do something else.

She recounted: "The organisation made an extra request for our fridge photos, but I was too busy and wasn't comfortable, as this was not mentioned in the onboarding."

A week later, she was informed that she would receive only S$50 and felt cheated.

She went back to the Facebook group and found others with the same complaint.

"Can survey companies just cut payment like this?" asked the Stomper, who said she has made a police report.

She told Stomp that she has yet to receive her payment and has not heard from the company for more than a week.

In response to a Stomp query, police confirmed that a report was lodged.