Online seller confused by buyer wanting diamond earrings delivered before paying: 'Is this normal?'

Submitted by Stomper WY

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A woman buying a pair of diamond earrings online wanted them to be delivered to her first before making payment.

Stomper WY, who was the seller, baulked at the idea.

"I have sold jewellery and branded bags in the past for a few thousand dollars. I often received payment in advance for home delivery or pay during meet-up depending on the seller's preference," said the Stomper.

"Am I so out of touch that such selling rules have changed? Please enlighten me."

The Stomper had listed the earrings for sale in a Facebook group called Real Singapore Expat Classifieds (Free To Post).

"Because the diamonds are small, I listed them at $280," she said.

"Within a few minutes of my listing, a buyer asked if they were available. I said yes and she said she wanted them.

"I asked if she wanted delivery to her home as I am okay to include same-day home delivery to minimise the hassle of meeting during this period when Covid-19 cases are expanding. She provided me with her address and so I asked for payment.

"That was when she told me the normal practice for online sellers like me was to deliver the item first and then she would pay.

"I was confused. I found it very strange for me to pass diamond earrings to someone I did not know without any payment.

"I suggested if she wanted, she could arrange for her delivery man to collect the item from me and pay when I hand it over to her delivery man.

"That was when the conversation went south.

"Her mean remarks kept coming, saying the diamonds are not authentic unless they are from a known brand or I bought them from the source where they were made."

The Stomper said: "In the end, I did not deal with her because I didn’t like her attitude.

"But I am still puzzled. Is it normal for a private seller to deliver goods before payment?"