ONE World Championship belt the most coveted and prestigious title in martial arts

There is one common goal shared among martial artists competing at the highest level of the sport, and that is to claim the highly-coveted world championship belt. In martial arts, there is none more prestigious than the ONE Championship title.

The ONE Championship belt is a symbolic ornament of honour and glory.

Weighing more than 7 kilograms, the jewel-encrusted silver and gold-plated belt is mounted by hand on a thick natural leather strap that is locked together securely with 10 steel studs.

The pair of warring lions that framing the ONE Championship centrepiece represents royalty and prestige, and it is complemented by a crown motif at the belt’s apex.

Two blood-red rubies are placed in the eyes of the lions, while two secondary plates added eminent value to the handmade masterpiece as it is studded with 52 crystals on each side.

Needless to say, it is a beautiful trinket, and perhaps one that is the perfectly suited for its holder.

Yet beyond the intricately crafted piece of hardware is a much deeper meaning, possessing the championship belt signifies that an athlete is the best in the world in his field -- and this certainly makes the belt worth much more than the sum of its parts.

In 2018, ONE Championship has announced the establishment of the ONE Super Series, at the same time launching Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series.

With Warrior Series, the promotion is focused on discovering fresh young talent -- athletes who have the potential to come from being prospects to being the next global superstars. With the Super Series, ONE Championship aims to showcase the beauty of Asia's striking arts such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, Kung Fu, wushu, sanda, silat, lethwei, and more.

Along with matches officiated under ONE Championship’s Global Rule Set, the two leagues tackle different spectrums of the competitive landscape.

Because the promotion now encompasses all of martial arts and is not only offering a single branch of martial arts, this effectively makes the ONE Championship belt the most prestigious and most substantial world title in all of combat sports.

With athletes representing not only Asia, but also the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, ONE Championship is a truly global organization with a reach of 1.7 billion on any given night in 136 countries around the world.

The belt has often been referred to as the richest prize in combat sports, worthy of the bearer and representative of the true value of martial arts.

The promotion currently has world champions in 10 divisions, represented by eight world-class athletes.

When the Warrior Series and Super Series champions are crowned, ONE Championship will have the largest collection of world champions in martial arts in history for a single promotion.

The level of competition continues to soar, and when the challenge arises, the talent follows suit.

With a primary focus on building local superheroes, ONE Championship has been able to develop superstars and has become a promotion that organizes bouts between only the top competitors.

A martial arts organization where the best face the best -- ONE Championship is all any martial arts fan can ever hope for.

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