One-legged UberEATS rider receives Stomp Goody Bag for being an inspiration

Despite only having one leg, Saire Adnan does not let his disability hold him back from working.

On Nov 29, we first posted an article about him on Stomp, where a Stomper was inspired by the fact that he had one leg and yet was still working as a food deliveryman.

Staying positive despite challenges

Saire Adnan had previously worked in an office-based telemarketing job but now works for UberEATS full-time.

With $300 saved up from his previous job, the 34-year-old bought himself an e-scooter which he uses to deliver food to others.

The UberEATS rider enjoys his job, adding, "I'm very happy to go and collect the food to deliver to other people."

However, despite keeping a positive attitude, he does face challenges especially given that delivering food is a time-sensitive job.

In a video interview that we did with Adnan, he cited one instance where a customer had scolded him for being too slow to deliver food. He explained to the customer that he had a disability but the customer did not believe him initially.

Only when Adnan showed up at his door to hand the food over, did the customer realise that he was indeed handicapped.

However, not all his experiences are unpleasant. Sometimes, customers would leave him tips as large as $50. He also talked to Stomp about how a customer had invited him into his house and offered him drinks.

Losing his leg

Saire Adnan also shared with us that he was involved in an accident with a container truck at the age of 8, which ultimately resulted in his leg being amputated due to an infection in 2013.

He was warded in the hospital for a few months to allow him time to recover from the procedure. It was a difficult period of time for him.

Adnan told Stomp, "I was very sad...Sometimes I cry (because I realise) I don't have a leg anymore. But, I must be strong."

During his stay in the hospital, a patient had also advised him to find a job that is suitable for him.

That was when he decided to work for UberEATS, following a recommendation from his friend.

Supporting his family 

The 34-year-old stays in a 2-room flat at Clementi with his mother and two siblings. The flexible nature of UberEATS allows him to work in the surrounding vicinity and not stray too far from where he stays. 

"With UberEATS, I can spend time with my family also," said Adnan.

Even if it is raining, he would still continue to work to earn more money for him and his family. 

Adnan elaborated, "If I'm not working, I don't have any money. If I'm working, I at least have some money to spend on myself and my family."

"I respect you because you have one leg and yet you are still working," his friend had said to him.

He hopes that other people with disabilities will be able to find a job, 'be like him' and not let a disability stop them from working.

Watch Stomp's full interview with Saire Adnan below or on Facebook.

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