OMG! Mystery woman climbs over parapet at Anchorvale Cove -- then flees after resident calls police

A woman was caught on video climbing over a parapet at Anchorvale Cove today (Sep 3).

Facebook user Yusliena Zulkifli Smith posted the video and photos on Facebook after she spotted the woman from her apartment's service balcony.

She was alarmed when she saw the woman climbing over the parapet and called out to her, "Be careful!"

The woman ignored Yusliena as she continued to ask her what she was doing and where she stayed.

Yusliena asked the woman what she was doing and where she stayed but the woman completely ignored her as she appeared to inspect a shoe shelf by the side of the corridor.

Afraid to approach the mysterious woman, Yusliena asked her next door neighbour to talk to her.

According to her post, the woman ran away when her neighbour told her that Yusliena had called the police.

She added that the police arrived at the scene soon after and were searching the area and asking questions.

In response to Stomp media queries, a police spokesman provided the following statement:

"On Sep 3 at 1.36pm, the police were alerted to a case of intentional alarm at 336B Anchorvale Crescent.

"A 21-year-old woman was arrested in relation to the case.

"Police investigations are ongoing."

Watch the video below.