OMG! Is this the largest rat in the world?

A video of what appears to be a giant rat is circulating on social media.

Facebook user 叶晓慧 posted the video which has garnered over 2.4 million views, 49,000 shares, 10,000 reactions and 14,000 comments.

Netizens all over the world are amazed at the sight of the creature.

In the video, a man holds on to the animal by the tail as it crawls in his home.

It is unclear if it is a pet or wild creature.

Many expressing disgust at the huge rat-like animal while others think it is actually kind of cute.

However, some netizens have pointed ot that it is probably a nutria or muskrat.

These are swamp rats that are much larger than normal rats, and are often mistaken to be abnormally large rats.

What do you think?