Oh dear, who tied plastic bags on legs of these pigeons in Hougang?

Submitted by Stomper Vanessa

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Stomper Vanessa saw several pigeons with plastic bags tied to their legs at a grass patch between Blocks 674 and 676 in Hougang Avenue 8.

In a video the Stomper sent, around six pigeons can be seen with the bags on their legs as they were moving around the area.

Vanessa was 'flabbergasted' with what she came across and said the birds were unable to fly as high as they should due to the extra weight.

"Plastic bags may be light to us, but they sure weigh a ton for those poor birds," she said.

She also told Stomp that water will fill up the bags whenever the birds go into the drain, which adds on to the load they have to bear.

Vanessa added:

"I'm not too sure myself what happened either.

"As much as I would love to help these birds, I'm not too sure how can I start because they actually start to flap their wings and fly away whenever I try to get near them to figure out how to remove the plastic bags.

'I happened to chance upon these birds when I went to give tuition at Blk 676 Hougang Avenue 8 and I just took a video immediately before they flew away.

"I used to see one of the birds with a plastic bag on its feet about two to three months back, but it flew away when I was trying to get near to it.

"It was surprising to chance upon SO many of them yesterday and it hurts me because I didn't help them so I'm hoping Stomp can help to spread the message and find out what's happening."