ofo investigating after Stomp video shows man repeatedly throwing bike at AMK Hub

Bike sharing firm ofo is now investigating an incident where a man was recorded on video repeatedly throwing an ofo bicycle on the floor at AMK Hub.

The incident which was first reported on Stomp on Dec 27 is said to have occurred around 7pm. The man had allegedly thrown two ofo bicycles as well as a regular bicycle.

According to the Stomper who recorded the video, the man is frequently spotted collecting cardboard in the area.

An ofo spokesperson said that the incident was brought to their attention and that they are currently investigating the issue.

Ofo also added that they have been working with several government agencies to increase the number of designated parking spots, introducing a credit system to reward good user behaviour as well as educating the community on responsible biking practices.

These initiatives are how the firm has been advocating rider responsibility, said the ofo spokesman.

Ofo also encourages members of the public to report incidents of their bicycles being abused via their respective channels such as through their mobile app or their Facebook page.

Earlier this month, two boys were seen damaging the locks of ofo bicycles.

In November, a couple who was caught throwing oBikes into a drain turned themselves in to the police.

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