Officer helps man kick-start motorcycle after it stalls along Marsiling Road

Submitted by Stomper Yan

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

An officer was witnessed helping a man kick-start a motorcycle after it had stalled along Marsiling Road on Tuesday afternoon (Dec 24).

Stomper Yan was driving towards Marsiling Avenue 3 when he saw the incident.

He asked his assistant to record a video of the incident and contributed it to Stomp.

Yan said: "The uncle was riding in the opposite lane and his motorcycle stalled.

"I noticed the officer who was helping the uncle with his motorcycle. He was being very helpful.

"As I drove further away, I saw the officer help push the motorcycle towards a nearby petrol station.

"Previously, there was the topic of an officer kicking a personal mobility device (PMD) rider. 

"When I saw this, I got reminded that not all officers are unkind because some do carry out good deeds."