Observant Sichuan commuter catches trafficker red-handed, reports him to police

A baby returned to his rightful family thanks to a vigilant Chinese woman who caught the trafficker redhanded. 

The incident happened last Tuesday (Oct 3) in the province of Sichuan, China, reports World of Buzz

The woman, Lee, was on a bus when a man boarded, carrying a baby.

Lee noticed that the man looked nervous, and did not pay for the fares initially. 

The baby appeared to have been crying previously and the man was patting the baby’s back hard, not something an experienced parent would do. 

She also observed that the baby was wearing a short-sleeved top, despite the chilly weather. 

The irregularities caused Lee to become doubtful that this man was the baby’s father. 

She quickly made her way to the back of the bus and secretly snapped photos, sending them to the local police’s social media. 

As there were still two more stops until the terminal and her phone was running low on battery, Lee decided to follow the man.

Upon reaching the bus terminal, Lee rushed home to call the police. 

Within two hours, the police called Lee to inform her that the man and the baby were picked up by officers at the train station. 

They also confirmed Lee’s suspicion — that the baby had been kidnapped to be sold off. 

News of Lee’s actions quickly went viral on social media as netizens thanked her for being alert and preventing a tragedy. 

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