Object falls out of moving lorry and flies towards Stomper on KJE: 'That could have taken a life'

Submitted by Stomper Dino

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What a near miss.

Stomper Dino was driving behind a lorry on the Kranji Expressway towards Bukit Timah Expressway on June 3 at 6.04pm.

In the video submitted by Dino, a black object can be seen falling out of the back of the lorry and bouncing off the road towards the Stomper.

Luckily, the object flew past the left side of his vehicle.

Dino told Stomp: "My friend and I were shocked and very fortunate that it did not hit us. We looked back and saw a car stop behind us. Not sure if the object had hit the car.

"We were more concerned if there had been a motorcyclist because that could have taken a life."

The company name printed on the side of the lorry is Maco Technical Pte Ltd. Stomp has contacted the company for more information.

Under the Road Traffic Act, it is an offence for motorists not to secure their loads properly. The composition sums for this offence were raised on April 1, 2019 – up to $200 for light vehicles and up to $250 for heavy vehicles. Offenders will also be penalised with up to six demerit points.