NYP responds to student doing 'Helikopter' TikTok trend on escalator: "You almost made our hearts stop"

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) has responded to a student's TikTok video of him doing the 'Helikopter' trend on an escalator.

TikTok user Undersalt posted his video on Dec 14 showing him lying flat on his back between two escalators going in different directions.

He then starts spinning around several times before jumping onto one of the escalators.

The 'Helikopter' trend on TikTok features creators recording videos of themselves spinning to the song Helikopter by Bosnian singer Fazlija.

Undersalt's video had garnered over 246,000 views and 400 comments before it was taken down.

NYP's official TikTok account commented on the video urging their students not to do this stunt.

"You almost made our hearts stop," the polytechnic said.

"Please desist for your safety (and for our heart health).

"We gotta be the responsible adults here and say please don't do this.

"To the rest, don't copy pls!"