Nurse kayaks with migrant workers in Sembawang, gives them care packs for National Day

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As Singaporeans celebrate Singapore's 58th birthday, let's not forget the migrant workers who are helping to build our nation.

Emily Yap has not.

The 24-year-old senior staff nurse at Alexandra Hospital celebrated National Day with migrant workers in collaboration with Migrant Workers' Centre, shared Stomper Audrey, who is Emily's mother,

Emily said: "We spent an enjoyable day kayaking with our migrant brothers at Sungei Simpang mangrove, co-organised by Dunearn Neighbourhood Committee and Dunearn Youth."

The kayakers set off from PAssion Wave @ Sembawang on Saturday (Aug 5).


Explaining how she was inspired to be kind to the people around us, Emily recounted: "I remember one morning, as I was going to work, a Bangladeshi worker stopped cutting grass to let me pass safely. He greeted me with a big friendly smile and said 'Good morning, madam. Have a good day, madam.'

"I smiled back and wished him a good day too...

"Singapore is a global city and I am grateful to our migrant brothers who help maintain our environment and build our infrastructure. Singapore's construction sector relies heavily on migrant labour, the majority of whom come from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.

"Our migrant brothers are very kind. They are always the first to give up their seats for the elderly on public transportation.

"When I talk to our migrant brothers, they tell me that they are in Singapore to work hard and earn a living so that their families can have a better future.

"The same blood runs in every hand. No matter what the colour of our skin is, we all bleed red. We are all connected and share a common humanity."

The Stomper added that Emily also used her savings to buy care packs containing coffee, bread, biscuits and snacks for the workers to thank them for their sacrifice.

In 2022, Emily delivered Chinese New Year goodies to 100 workers at Chye Joo Construction in collaboration with the Migrant Workers' Centre.

She may be young, but that does not stop 22-year-old palliative care nurse Emily Yap from giving back to the migrant...

Posted by Migrant Workers' Centre on Sunday, February 6, 2022